Her America: 50 Women, 50 States

We cast, directed and produced 25 short films (and 30 photo essays) exploring what it means to be a woman in the U.S the year after Trump’s election. Captured with an all female crew traveling through America, each film is a time capsule for this moment.

All of the stories live on Lifetime’s heramerica.com (designed by Imaginary Forces) and a selection of the films aired on Lifetime. 

The campaign also brought home a CLIO!

Director—Ana Veselic
Producer—Jessica Chermayeff
DP—Jenni Morello

"They did a damn good job of showing just how compelling that conversation with someone across the aisle truly can be."

— Popsugar


“I’ve had more degrading things said to me on a job site than in a club”

In Portland we met Stormie, a construction worker by day, and an exotic dancer by night.


Being black and blue, it’s difficult to be a part of something but not be a part of it.”

In St. Paul, Brooke let us into her life as a woman of color dedicated to the police force.


“When I think about the word “feminist,” this day and age, I feel like it stands for everything I’m not.

In Shelby we watched Lindsay barrel race on the Pro Rodeo circuit while caring for her two children.