Nike Community Champs

We teamed up with agency See Me and creative directors Maroon World to produce these Nike Community Champs videos, showcasing people who uniquely connect with their community through movement.

Dara Adams is the dance director of Brooklyn United Music & Arts in Crown Heights. She blends genres, emphasizes the mind body connection, and highlights the influence of black traditions on dance.

Leland aka Mr. Lee is a 4th-generation Chinatown resident and launched Run for Chinatown during the pandemic. Leland ran 240 miles and raised over $65K for local businesses and workers in need.

Creative Director — Cynthia Cervantes, Maroon World
Creative Director — Travis Gumbs, Maroon World
DP — Lorena Duran
Photographer — Guario Rodriguez
Producer — Cloe Young
Creative Studio — See Me