Nosferasta: First Bite

Nosferasta is an ongoing anti-colonial period Rastafarian vampire film directed by Adam Kahlil and Bayley Sweitzer, co-written by and starring Oba. Spanning 500 years of colonial destruction, human trafficking and blood sucking, the film reimagines Oba’s origin story.

The short version of the project, entitled Nosferasta: First Bite, was commissioned by Gasworks London, where it debuted as part of a larger installation of the Nosferasta world in Fall 2021, and Spike Island, Bristol, where it was installed in early 2022. The film won the Ammodo Tiger Short Award at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2022 and has been invited to screen at multiple festivals, galleries and museums around the world.

Directors – Adam Kahlil and Bayley Sweitzer
Co-Writer and EP – Oba
Producer – Anne Alexander
DP – Alex Ashe
Wardrobe – Kindall Almond
Casting – Geraldine Baron + Salome Oggenfuss
Editing – Bayley Sweitzer + Adam Khalil
Music Composition – Leila Bordreuil + Doug Hock
Color – Andrew Geary @ Company3
Mix – Eli Cohn @ Nocturnal Sound

Christopher Columbus – Jack Sochet
Diego – Jerry Angelo
Young Oba – Adam Rashad Glenn
Arawak Friend – Sa Mii Sanchez
Sarah Kerr
Stephen Holmgren

Nosferasta: First Bite was made with the generous support of: Creative Capital, Cinereach, Spike Island, 4Cs – From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture, Gasworks