Self Made: Mission to Honor

We cast, directed, produced and edited three spots for Lifetime’s broadcast interstitial series ‘Self Made’. Each of the three videos features a veteran who has served in one of the branches of the US military as she spoke candidly about her experience as a woman in the armed forces. 

Director—Jessica Chermayeff
Producer—Anne Alexander
Casting—Lisa Riordan Seville
DP – Maria Rusche
Production Design—Elysia Belilove
HMU—Mary Irwin
Editor—Ana Veselic

In 2020, Self Made: Mission to Honor was awarded a Promax Gold for the ‘Best Social Cause Promo or Campaign’ in the North America Category


"I was awarded a Purple Heart. I don't even know if it says enough about what I was willing to do for the people I was able to help."

— Elana Duffy, Retired Sergeant First Class, U.S. Army

Cindy Fraiser, CW 5

"The first time I got clearance that I can deploy, that was the hardest day. It was the hardest day of my life because of the fact that I was leaving a newborn. "

— Cindy Fraiser, CW 5

Mercedes Elias, Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps

"In the Marines, your gender is never really taken into account. And that's what I wanted. "

— Mercedes Elias, Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps