Cousins partnered with the Kehinde Wiley Studio to help craft his latest video installation for the May 2019 opening of his Tahiti show at Galerie Templon in Paris. 

The paintings and film are an exploration of the māhū, Tahiti’s spiritual third gendered people. The film itself spanned four screens in conversation across two rooms paired with an original score by Niles Luther including the voice of M. Lamar.


Producer—Kehinde Wiley
Co-produced with Cousins—Jessica Chermayeff and Ana Veselic
Director—Kehinde Wiley
Editor—Ana Veselic
Original Score—Niles Luther
Vocals—M. Lamar

"Wiley explains that video afforded 'an opportunity to engage the narrative of nature and individuality in the depiction of Tahiti and in the paintings of Gauguin.'"

— i-D